General Servicing

Regular Care is the Key to Savings at Poolwise Livings

As well as a regular maintenance of your pool, our service division also comes out if you have a one off problem or just need to have someone else clean your pool so you have time for the more important things in life.


Call us if:


  • Your pump is making a strange noise
  • There is no suction
  • You have a leak in your filter
  • You pool keeps going green


Or any other problem you are not sure about, our experience team of Service Technicians will have the answer.  Owning and maintaining a pool or spa is a year-round commitment requiring preventative maintenance in the winter months as well as regular maintenance services during the busy swimming season.



A little care, applied regularly, can save expensive repairs as well as prevent problems occurring during peak usage periods. But for those times when it all goes wrong, Poolwise Living’s maintenance and service division has technicians available for one-off problems or for extensive repairs and parts replacement.

We can help when:


  • Pool pumps are making a strange noise;
  • Automatic pool cleaners such as your kreepy Krauly have stopped working and there is no suction;
  • Issues with chlorinators;
  • Pool Sand filters have sprung a leak;
  • Water keeps going green; or
  • You need advice and assistance on any aspect of caring for your pool or spa.


“Many people tend to forget about their water until it goes green or some equipment breaks,” Poolwise Living owner Rob Baker says.


“If they knew the facts and had a general preventative pool maintenance service carried out from season to season, then they would have fewer issues.”

Factors to Consider


Pool pumps tend to cause the most concern for homeowners, ahead of chlorinators or equipment such as a sand filter.


Factors affecting pool pumps include:


  • Weather – water will damage the pump;
  • Power spikes – will fuse the pump; and
  • Poor maintenance – the pump gets leaks or constant priming with air and salt water in the system damages the bearing and causes rust.


If you have any concerns, we invite you to make an appointment with our technicians to check on the health of your equipment.

Prevent Premature Wear


Quick tips for pool maintenance:


  • Have a general preventative pool maintenance service carried out several times a year;
  • If you have a sand filter, the sand should be changed every four years;
  • In winter, check the valve on top of the filter, change ‘o’ rings, clean up gaskets;
  • Empty the skimmer basket consistently all year-round and maintain the PH balance of your water.


Carrying out these steps can help extend the life of your pool, before any major work such as resurfacing or replacement of pumps and pool chlorinators is needed. If you don’t know what to do, we can help with carrying out your pool maintenance service and giving advice on regular care.


Enjoy your backyard and outdoor lifestyle by visiting our stores or contacting us on 08 9375 2544 or 08 9275 3555 for all your pool, spa and outdoor relaxation requirements.

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