Pool Chemicals

Here at Poolwise Living we keep only the best quality Pool Chemicals to ensure that your pool is kept in optimum condition. We’ve carried many brands over the years, but after much trial and error we’ve narrowed it down so that now we only Keep the Top quality Chemicals Made by Focus Chemicals and Lo Chlor.


Within these brands we keep a wide variety of chemicals. From regular balancing and maintenance chemicals like: Buffer, Stabiliser, Calcium and Chlorine, to more specialised Chemicals such as: Phosphate and stain removers, algaecides and Calcium inhibitors.



We also offer a FREE water testing service to our supporting customers, which we can use to accurately identify which chemicals you need to keep your pool in good health. Come visit us for a free testing bottle you can use to bring your sample in! We also test spas.


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Pool Chems

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